Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

I wish I could begin to tell you the whirlwind my life has been lately but I think that would take more than just a simple blog post! Life has been crazy-hectic the last few weeks (hence my lack of posting!) but I thought I'd pop in today (two days in a row!) and give you the low down on a few of my weekly favorites!

Linking up with Heather, Jill & the Virginia Bloggers for my Friday Favorites!

1. Christmas with my best friends. You guys are probably sick of hearing about my best friends but we make it a point every year to get together and have our annual Christmas celebration. It's been going strong since we were juniors in college--aka, a billion years ago! This year it was at my place (no traveling for me! yay!) and we had an absolute blast. And may or may not have crushed like, 5 bottles of wine and a random 40. ha. Needless to say, I certainly couldn't hang like I could when I was a junior in college... ;)

A photo posted by Sarah Smith Carlson (@sarahc33) on

A photo posted by Sarah Smith Carlson (@sarahc33) on

2. Speaking of my best friends (ha), remember when we did that photo shoot about a month and a half ago? We finally got our pictures back and they are amazing! Seriously--if your bucket list doesn't include a photo session with your BFF's, add it now. I'll cherish these pictures forever. And when I'm old and gray, at least I can look back and say that damn, we looked good. ;)

A photo posted by Sarah Smith Carlson (@sarahc33) on

3. Good grief.. I guess I should have just dedicated this entire list to my BFF's but a trip to Nashville is in the works for my birthday in February! I decided that it's my last birthday in my 20's (UGH!) so might as well go out with a bang, right?! More details to follow on this. ;)

4. Dude. Can we talk about how Christmas is TWO WEEKS AWAY??? I'm no where near ready.. we don't even have a Christmas tree up this year.... but there's good reason for this..

5. .... BECAUSE WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! As of last Friday at approximately 3pm, Peter & I are officially home owners! And broke! ha. We bought a "fixer upper" and are totally excited/scared/nervous/pumped about doing a reno. It's not all totally horrible but umm, there's carpet in the kitchen. So.. yeah. ha. I'm excited for all of the hard work and headaches that are sure to follow. And finally getting a dog! Is it bad that that's probably what I'm most excited for?! ;) I'll be sure to take lots of before photos so that maybe one day and I can do a before/after post. :)

Have a wonderful Friday! I'm off to our work potluck--bring on the stretchy sweat pants!


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  1. Love the pictures with your friends - it's nice when you have a crew that you've known forever! Congratulations on your home ownership, so exciting!