Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites... long overdue!

One day, when grad school is over and we're not renovating a house and it's not January at a gym, I'm going to get back to a regular posting schedule. I miss this space and having a chance to get out my thoughts on a SEMI-regular basis.

Until then, since it's snowing outside (a LOT), work is closed, and everyone is still asleep (early bird gets the worm, always), I figured it was about time I wrote a Friday Favorites.

Linking up with Heather & the Virginia Bloggers this morning.

1. THESE BROWNIES! Only four ingredients and they are KILLER! I added some additional water, a few chocolate chips, and just a tad bit of Splenda and they turned out super fudgy and delicious. Even my husband approved which is a good sign.  (I used a mashed sweet potato)

2. I have absolutely NO races on my schedule besides a Spartan Sprint and.... I kind of like it? That's not to say I haven't been training because to be totally honest, I've worked my butt off so far in 2016. But I've been training hard because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to. There's a big difference there. Towards the end of my marathon training plan, it was beginning to become a chore and I hated that. I decided that this year I would just take it one day at a time. When it's time to sign up for a race, I'll know. I've been running 30 races or so a year for the last 3-4 years and it's time to RELAX (relatively speaking).

3. Mila. Mila is crazy and hyper and basically everything a puppy should be. She will drive you nuts chewing on everything she shouldn't be one minute and the next come up and snuggle while you're trying to fall asleep. She's been such a wonderful addition to my little family.

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4. SNOW!!! Remember that time last year I was off of work for 2 weeks straight and HATED IT? Apparently I've seemed to forgotten that because with 10-14 inches in the forecast, I'm pretty excited. I've stocked up on my peanut butter and protein bars and I'm ready to ride it out over the weekend.

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5. So, today's apparently the one year anniversary of starting my blog. I never in a million years thought I'd stick with it a year so... cheers to that! ha. I'm excited to get back into regularly blogging and maybe eventually one day take this blog a little further. Once I get through with grad school. And renovating my house. And January. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend and for those of you on the East coast like me, stay safe and warm!



  1. What kind of dog do you have? She looks like a doodle! We have a three year old doodle and she is still nuts--but we couldn't imagine life without her! Stay safe and warm this weekend!

  2. Happy 1 year blog anniversary!!! That's exciting :)

    I spy PB2!! I have 2 jars of it in my pantry right now :) I love it in smoothies! Also, your dog is SO cute!

  3. Your puppy is so cute!! I'd be posting tons of pictures of her too!

    Congrats on your 1 year blog-iversary!

  4. Happy blog anniversary! That puppy is too darn cute :)