Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Quickly popping in today with a list of my current fav's! Enjoy your Wednesday--we're almost to the weekend people! :)

Drinking: Advocare Chocolate Meal Replacement shake... one of my favorite sources of protein in the morning! So good.

Wanting: To live in my own house! Reno is coming along SLOWLY but we're getting there. I'm so ready to make new memories and start a family and be a grown up.... okay, just kidding about that last part. Never going to happen.

Feeling: Old. My birthday is on Sunday! Also, kind of feeling the urge to start the process of considering starting my own personal training/fitness business....still just a thought but one I've been thinking about more and more lately.

Eating: EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE! I feel like February = chocolate. Anyone else?

Listening To: The "Hotline Bling" Remix. So. Good. And side note, please tell me I'm not the only one who automatically thinks about Jimmy from Degrassi every time they listen to Drake?
(side note, can't actually find the one with Drake on the track too but close enough)

Pinning: EVERYTHING FOR MY HOUSE! I officially made a "Projects for Peter" board and it's slowly but surely filling up... ;)

Loving: My husband. He is amazing. And has been working non-stop to get our house ready to move into. I'm amazed each and everyday at all that he has done and feel so unbelievably lucky that he is MINE! <3
I've also been on a big snapchat kick lately. I've had way too much fun with it. ha.
Okay, and duh, my dog.

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Clicking: Youtube! I've found so many awesome fitness vloggers and have been watching non-stop! I love it.

Excited About: NASHVILLE! My birthday + my bff's =  trouble! We're heading down Friday for a long weekend away and I'm BEYOND excited. After some crazy long hours of work lately, I'm ready for a weekend of relaxation and FUN.

Buying: I bought some samples of PEScience Protein yesterday after hearing everyone rave about it. I love when companies have sample sizes because I'm so picky about my protein!

Saying Good-Bye To: 28. I've had lots of good and not so good times during the last year but as with anything, I wouldn't change it. I'm a firm believer that everything is a learning experience--both good and bad. And let's be honest--I've learned a LOT this last year. I feel like I've become a better wife, trainer, friend, daughter, sister and person this last year... so I'd say it's a win. Here's to my last year in my 20's!

What are some of your current favorites?!


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