Monday, June 1, 2015

Umm, it's June?!

Happy Monday everyone! How the HECK is it June 1st already?! Good grief. I feel like I just got back from Florida last week and was complaining because it was already May. Even crazier? Marathon training starts SOON. Ahh! Ever since I signed up, people have been asking me when I'll start training and I always tell them I have a few months to go... umm, not any more. How about I have ONE MONTH. It's about to get real up in here. ha.

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We're going to do this picture style. Mostly because my creativity is lacking a bit today. ha.
Friday was a pretty slow day at work. I was extra proud of myself for pushing through an afternoon round of Insanity and weights, especially when going into it, I totally wasn't feeling it. That being said, I knew how much better I'd feel after it was over... and I did! Don't you love when that happens?

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I was rewarded with this sunset when I got home. Snapping this picture was just about the only time I got up off the couch the entire night. ;) It's not too often I just relax so I took full advantage of it.

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I got to hang out with this stinker most of the day on Saturday--always a good time. I had a wedding to attend earlier in the day and afterward, came back to my parents house for a lonnnnnnng afternoon at the pool with some of my extended family. Can we say, PERFECT? I took this picture on our trip to the park.

I finally got my last run with my shoes in on Sunday. Again, do as I say, not as I do. I definitely DON'T recommend going as long as I did with a pair of running shoes. ha. It won't happen again. But that being said, I had to send them out with a bang. I had a KILLER run. (PS--anyone else doing the Runner's World Run Streak this year?)

Annnnnnd... the new guys. LOVE them. I took them out this morning for a test drive and I felt like I was flying. I never realize how bad my old shoes are until I put new ones on. ha. Needless to say, I don't plan taking these for 1000+ miles.

It was a low key weekend and I loved every minute of it. I have another short week on dock and then a fun girls weekend planned in RVA/Charlottesville! I'm so excited! Have a great Monday everyone!

How long do you wear your running shoes? 



  1. Haha I just upgraded my running shoes too! I started in them March 1st and hit over 600 miles yesterday so it was time for a change... Also AMAZING run pace for that run girl! Killed it! I usually try to switch out my shoes every 500 miles or so but I get attached so I have a hard time. But after some achey joints I knew I needed some new cushion ! Hope you have a great Monday!!

  2. I need new running shoes..I'm going on a year now with my current ones. Oops!!