Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday ya'll! Now the start of the semester is less than 2 weeks away, the days are absolutely FLYING by. I seriously feel like it was just the weekend?! Definitely no complaints on my end though. Time to soak up the remaining bits of summer because starting August 19th, it's about to get crazy around here.

Linking up with Claire, Heather, and Virginia Bloggers today for Friday Favorites!

1. I will be heading up my first Couch to 5k program starting on Monday! I'm pretty nervous just because running is something I have SUCH a big passion for and I don't want to screw it up! That being said, I'm really looking forward to it! I remember the excitement I had when I completed my first 5k and I want to help others feel the same. This sport completely changed my life!

2. My weekend with Peter! We have absolutely nothing planned but when he's on his night shift rotation, it feels like we NEVER see each other so I'm really looking forward to a weekend alone and doing whatever we want. Those are the best, am I right?!

3. Okay, this is a weird one but I'm really digging the Today Show lately. There for a while when they had that whole Ann Curry debacle, I kind of switched back and forth between a few different morning news programs but Savannah Guthrie is finally starting to grow on me. And of course I love Carson. I find it funny that in high school, I'd rush home from school to catch him on TRL and now I'm waking up early to catch him on the morning news. ha. And I'll be honest, I think Willie Geist is hot.
Okay. I feel like that was definitely weird.

4. These protein power balls! I made them for the first time in FOREVER last night and they were so good. I make a couple of substitutions--I use oats instead of coconut, add in a few drops of unsweetened almond milk, and use PB2 instead of almond butter because I'm freaking obsessed. But it literally takes two seconds to make and are awesome when you need a quick pick me up after a workout. They taste like brownie batter! Always a win!

5. Yesterday officially marked 100 days until my marathon. Time to hit the ground running! I talked about it a bit yesterday but Monday officially starts my training cycle. I've finally found a plan I like, am mentally prepared for those grueling long runs, and am ready to prove to myself that I can totally rock out 26.2 miles. I'm looking forward to all parts of it--the good days, the bad runs, the "wall", the feeling of finishing something I said I would NEVER do... absolutely ALL of it! Life is about to get super crazy but here goes nothin'. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! Relax, have fun... do something spontaneous. Enjoy life!



  1. Okay, I'm so glad you said Willie Geist is hot. I said that to someone recently and they were just like, wtf is wrong with you. I dig him though! It took a REALLY long time for Savannah to grow on me, and even now I still can't take her too much.

  2. I'll have to try the Protein Power Balls. I'm always looking for healthy snacks that are really easy to make. Thanks for posting!

  3. I don't watch the TODAY show...maybe I should! Hope you have a fun weekend - enjoy before school starts :)