Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thinking Out Loud


Another crazy busy week around here and with students coming back in a couple of weeks, it's crunch time! This time last year I was still partially doing student activities/outdoor rec along with my current job as Assistant Director of our wellness center so I'm interested to see how this year will compare. Anyone that's ever worked in student life at a college knows just how INSANE the first 2-3 weeks of school are.

Anyway, time to do a little thinking out loud!

Linking up with Amanda!

1. I pretty much really need to start actually training for my marathon. I don't feel like I'm completely screwed just because my weekly mileage is at a good place, I do a lot of interval/speed/pace/hill runs, and have been doing some pretty long runs on Sunday's but for peace of mind, I need to start my actual PLAN next week. ha. People always tend to ask me for advice on training plans and if I'm being COMPLETELY honest here, I've never actually followed one. Like, ever. I've basically winged all of my half marathons... which isn't ideal but I did hit a sub 1:40 last time so it works for me. Unfortunately, I don't think there will be any winging 26.2.

2. I've been back on a hardcore Quest bar kick lately. Double Chocolate Chunk heated up + PB2 = PERFECTION.

3. I'm running the Wintergreen Spartan Race in 2 weeks... by myself! AHH! I'm volunteering and then running and although I know I'm never really alone on a Spartan race, it's still SLIGHTLY intimidating. I keep telling myself I can back out if I really want to but.. part of me just really wants to prove to myself that I can do this thing alone. And the Wintergreen Super is no joke. From everyone I've talked to, it's one of THE HARDEST races they've got. Even harder than some of the Beasts. Oh boy.

4. This is neither here nor there but.. it's kind of annoying when your favorite bloggers start doing ONLY sponsored posts. Like, I get it but... I miss reading the good stuff!

5. I have absolutely nothing on my agenda this weekend.

6. My BFF's and I are planning a trip to Key West to celebrate my last birthday in my 20's in February. Slight depressing.. but more exciting than anything. Any recommendations? Peter & I absolutely LOVED our brief time in Key West on our honeymoon.. even if we only remember bits and pieces of it (hello, bar crawl!).

7. Grad schools is hard ya'll. But so rewarding! Especially when I'm already using information that I've learned with my clients. So cool!

8. I think after marathon training is over, I want to get back to crossfit. I miss the atmosphere and I miss just throwing some heavy weight around. I'm a runner by nature and it's easy for me to go and run on my own and get a good workout. But when it comes to lifting, I struggle. I still do it but I need more direction. More motivation.

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Alright, time to get some work done! Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!



  1. Why have I never added PB2 to my Quest bars... thank you for TOTALLY making my day. I need to go buy some ASAP!

  2. YES on #4. I first started blogging because I enjoyed hearing all the stories, anecdotes, and experiences that others had to share. I did NOT join the blogosphere to read more advertisements! I get enough of those thrown into my face every other which way!

    I wish you a fantastic marathon training cycle! Like you, I've tended to somewhat wing my half marathons. But when it came to the full 26.2, I took it way more seriously - and it was worth the effort!!!

  3. I think if you have been winging half marathons then you will absolutely have a leg up with marathon training! You can do it!

  4. I have the same problem when it comes to lifting... and that's why I need a gym membership if I ever hope to get anywhere with it. I can putz around with little free weights at home, but I need the atmosphere and equipment of a gym if I really want to get anywhere.

  5. You are the racing queen! I've only been to Key West on a family trip - not sure how many pointers I can give ya :P