Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday! I promise I'm still alive--just computer-less! Apparently my Macbook had a few more problem than originally thought so it will be another week or so before I get it back. Boo!

BUT on the bright side, it's FRIDAY! And I have a fun weekend ahead!

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1. Girls weekend last week so MUCH needed! I talked about it on Monday but it's still making my top 5 list because it was an absolute blast. It reminded me a lot of our college days (well, sort of) and made me realize a) I still got "it" and b) I'm glad I'm not in college anymore because there's absolutely no way my body could handle it. ha. Do you ever wonder how you survived those 4 years? Because I do. Lol
Our next meet up isn't until October (boo!) but I'm counting down the days already.

2, Work! This could make my top 10 almost every week but the past 2 have been exceptionally phenomenal. I love my Power Hour class because it's exactly what I'd want to do if I were taking a group ex class..... apparently there are others out there who share my same mind set. ;) It's been so rewarding and fun to watch the progress my core group has made over the last month and a half. I went into it nervous and slightly intimidated since it was my first class coming up with my own workouts but it's so much fun!
I had another a-ha moment last night when I got out of my Insanity class--I was absolutely exhausted and over the course of the day had done 100+ burpees and yet, I was totally on cloud 9. I loved it. I loved seeing the energy from my classes, love how they trust me to give them a good workout, and love that they have a good time doing it. Everything just feels "right" and it's taken so long but I'm glad I finally found what it is I'm meant to do in life!

3. A fun/productive weekend ahead! Peter has a golf tournament this weekend and on Saturday night, there's a cocktail party and I'm super excited to get dressed up and have a date with my man. ;) We're also going to be having a big, big, BIG cleaning/organizing party on Sunday which oddly, I'm very much looking forward to. Does that make me old?

4. This obituary. When my time comes, this is exactly what I want. ha.

5. American Ninja Warrior! Totally into it this summer oddly. Everyone at work says when they watch it, the automatically think of me. Lol. Maybe one day? New goal in life? ha. Either way, mad props to those athletes! SO CRAZY what they can do! I've also been following the Crossfit games--it makes me miss it SO much! Who knows--maybe I'll get back into it this fall.

From Murph last year!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I have a sneaky suspicion you'd totally kill it on American Ninja Warrior! Haha. Have a fabulous weekend : )

  2. You always look like you're having such a great time with friends!! Hope you're having a nice Monday so far :)