Monday, July 6, 2015

Quick check in!

Good morning from one of my favorite places in the entire world--Hilton Head Island! If you've never been here, seriously--make plans to come now! I won't be home until Thursday (!!) but figured I'd check in with a few pictures this AM and do a FULL recap on Friday. 

I also plan on checking in for Tuesday's on the Run tomorrow for a special recap on my EPIC Fourth of July run. HINT: I CRUSHED my previous 5k PR! 

Anyway, on to the pictures. :)

First sweaty run on the Island! Faster than jnwas planning on but not bad!

Morning in shelter cove.

PR city baby! Only took me 3 years of running this race to win a medal--just call me Zina warrior princess. Ha. More on that tomorrow!


FINALLY got a few fireworks after all of the rain. 


Epic sunset last night! 

Have a wonderful Monday! I plan on another run and more beach time--hard to hate a Monday like that! 


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  1. Thanks for giving us an update on your vacation! You are rocking all of these races!