Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thinking Out Loud: Vacation Edition!

It's Thursday, I'm off of work, and I'm leaving for vacation in a mere 4-5 hours. LIFE IS GOOD YA'LL!

That being said, here's a quick Thinking Out Loud on this Thursday. :)

As always, linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons.

1. I'm just going to say it.. I don't get soccer. We didn't have it growing up in my area (I told y'all I live in the sticks, ha) so I never really had any exposure to it until I got to college. I played it during intramurals and enjoyed the running aspect (of course) but other than that, I was terrible and just didn't enjoy it that much. To each their own I guess, right?! That being said, I am following the American Women and hope they kick Japan's ass on Sunday!

These shoes are made for running. 

2. The only problem with going to the beach? The 7 hour drive ahead of me. Don't get me wrong, it's so worth it but man.. it's a long haul. I'm driving it by myself as my parent's left yesterday and Peter can't go (boo!). I'll be rocking out to a LOT of XM radio and hopefully a few good talk shows. On the way back, I may see if I can pop into Charlotte for a night and see my BFF!

Not Hilton Head. But can I go back anyway?! 

3. So, I registered for the Firecracker 5000 5k in Hilton Head on Saturday like I always do and this year, they asked me for my weight. I've seen more and more races do this recently and it really bugs me. Apparently, the "Zina" division is for females 145lbs and over and I meet that qualification by about 2 pounds. My weight doesn't bug me in the least bit.. but the fact that I'm put in an entirely different award category does. Mostly because all 147lbs of me is quite capable of beating someone who weighs considerably less. :) My goal for Saturday is to now place top 5 in my age group and totally rock my Zina status.

Just call me Zina.

4. Peter & I got some great news yesterday. I can't go into detail yet (soon!) but it's both exciting and scary at the same time. Ahh! Big changes headed this way.

5. I start my grad school classes in 2 weeks and I'm so flipping stoked! I'm so glad I've finally found a program that feels right. It's been a long process but it's been so worth it!

Alright, time to get my mileage in for the Runner's World Run Streak (2 days to go!), pack (which I should have done last night), and then hit the road!

See ya'll tomorrow form HHI!


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  1. Can't wait to hear your big news!! Have a wonderful vacation - post pics on IG!!