Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Popping in for a quick Friday favorites today! I have a LOT on the agenda for the weekend but wanted to get one more post in.

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1. GIRLS WEEKEND! The entire reason for my quick pop-in! In a few short hours, I'm packing my bags and heading to Roanoke for another edition of girls weekend! I think this one will be SLIGHTLY more low key than Charlotte (still recovering!) but much needed! I can't believe we haven't been together since JULY! We literally talk every single day so it doesn't feel like it's been a SUPER long time but I can't wait to head out! So blessed for wonderful girl friends. I don't know what I would do without these girls.

2. As an addendum (I guess?) because I love my BFF's so freakin' much, I moved my last 20 miler to next weekend and suffered through 12 miles this morning bright and early. That's love folks. Next weekend I'll be running the Haunted Half and can't wait. I've wanted to do this race FOREVER but it always seems to fall on a bad day.... but not this year! I'm stoked to dress up--I think I may rock out 13.1 as a skeleton?! I've never done a costume race before (unless you count the time I dressed up as a Christmas tree....) so I'm looking forward to it!

3. Tom Keene because he's totally one of my favorites this week. So obsessed with The Blacklist!

4. Okay, not to bring up another TV show (I swear I do more than just run and watch TV!) but Peter & I have been slowly making our way through the show Dexter and it's so good! Everyone has been telling me to watch forever and finally a few weeks ago we decided to take a stab at it (no pun intended). We're on season 3 now and still have 5 to go but man--it's good. Can't believe we waited this long to watch.

5. And finally, because I finally made the jump to Pro-team, I'm LOVING the new Insanity format. Last night was my first night teaching it and it was so much fun! It's slightly different than before but the changes make ALL the difference. I've been teaching Insanity for a little over a year and a half now and to say it needed a breath of fresh air is an understatement. Well, err, at least I needed a change. Not that I'm not ALWAYS enthusiastic to teach (really, I am!) but sometimes it's hard to teach the same thing over and over and over again. New music, new moves, whole new ballgame. It's hard to tell in the picture below but I was literally DRIPPING in sweat last night. That's how you know it's a good workout. ;)

Not the most exciting update I've ever had but hopefully I'll have some good stories for you on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Dexter is one of my all time favorite shows. It's right up there with True Blood and Game of Thrones. Very cool that you teach Insanity!

    Have an amazing weekend Sarah!