Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thinking Out Loud: Just Breathe.

Did you know that October is National Healthy Lung Month? Don't worry, I didn't either. And as a fitness junkie, I'm so very grateful for my own! They help me teach group exercise classes, run marathons (hopefully!) and live an all around healthy life. So today, I thought I'd do a little thinking out loud and talk about ways to stay healthy and how we can help our lungs keep us breathing for a long, LONG time.

Linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons!

1. GET MOVING! This is an obvious one but in order to get our lungs in the best shape possible, we have to get up and move! Whether it be walking for 30 minutes a day, taking a Zumba class, or training for a marathon, just as if you were training a specific muscle, the more you work your lungs, the stronger they get! And not to mention how awesome you feel afterward!

2. If you're smoking, quit and if you're not, don't start! You wouldn't drink poison would you? So why inhale it?!

3. Healthy eating! Eat good, feel good. Research has shown that anti-oxidant rich foods are good for your lungs. You don't have to tell me twice to eat more broccoli. Okay, maybe sometimes but most of the time I can't pass it up. ;)

4. Be aware of indoor toxins. Many products that we use on a daily basis can be carcinogenic--some may even contain asbestos. I know when I think of asbestos, I typically think of all the home renovation shows when they tear out walls and ceilings and find it but did you know that some companies still put it in their products? Even though it has been shown to cause mesothelioma, also known as asbestos cancer? Crazy, right? Everything from adhesives, to crockpots (!), to BABY POWDER can contain the dangerous chemical. Absolutely insane. Read your labels!

5. My final tip? Laugh. A LOT! Besides the obvious benefits of laughing (hello, HAPPINESS!), laughing helps work your abdominal muscles, which aid in posture and ultimately allow your lungs to breathe a little easier. I'd say that's a win-win, don't ya think? I know my lungs got an awesome workout this weekend with my best friends! Who knew that all that laughing was so beneficial? I guess that's just an excuse to visit with them more often, right? :)

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! I've got my last 20 miler of my training cycle this Saturday and I'm glad I've got a good set of lungs to get me through it!

For more information on mesothelioma and products containing asbestos, check out this website.

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  1. Yes! Laughing is the best. I <3 laughing. :)

  2. I enjoyed this post!! I'm grateful for my healthy lungs too. I've often wondered if I should change my cleaning regime because of the chemicals in the sprays?? What do you use??