Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

A bit of a rough start this morning (ugh!) but hoping to turn my day around with some of my favorite things this week.

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Happy Friday!

One// My Insanity class last night was on POINT! I feel like most weeks my class always makes it on this list but this week was particularly good. Everyone's energy was off the charts which in turn pumped me up! I mean, I'm always pumped to teach but let's be honest... some nights, your class just isn't feeling it. Last night though? We worked our butts off. I incorporated some new moves, the music was on point and we burned some major calories. I felt so energized when I got out of there!

Two// My half next week! I know it's still 8 days away but I can't help but to start getting excited! Most of my family lives in Louisville and they've been trying to talk me into this race for a few years now but because of work, I've never been able to do it. So when the opportunity arose this year to sign up, I jumped right in. I'm a little nervous but I LOVE the atmosphere that comes with big races. I'd love to PR but... we'll see what happens.

Three// Lilly at Target! I'll preface this by saying I'm not a huge Lilly fan but do have a few Lilly items in my collection.... and wouldn't mind adding a few more. Especially the houseware items! So cute! And perfect for summer!

Four// Umm, my marathon training is just around the corner?! I was talking with my Insanity crew after class yesterday and they were asking about my marathon when it hit me--I'm like, 2 months out from training. WHAT?!?! Is it really almost July?! I guess I need to start buckling down and a) pick a plan b) do some research and c) get mentally prepared--it's going to be a crazy ride.

Five//  This quote. I've been struggling with some big decisions lately and sometimes, you just need a little reassurance that life isn't always easy. Being a twenty-something is hard. Figuring out career and life decisions is freaking stressful.

Have a great weekend!


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