Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

Okay, has this week absolutely flown by for anyone else?! Seriously, I feel like yesterday was Monday. I could totally handle it if all weeks felt this way!

Time for a little Thinking Out Loud!

1. I started another round of the Advocare 24 day challenge this week. I'm on day 4 right now and feeling AWESOME. I eat pretty clean and healthy anyway but it still feels good to focus in a few weeks. Often times, I eat really well during the week and then fall off the bandwagon a bit during the weekend (which is okay!) so it's always a good way to get back on track. I'll post more about it next week! 

2. I'm running my first half marathon relay this weekend! My boss & I decided to sign up for it last minute. I've done several halfs, but never a relay so I'm pretty excited. The course is supposed to be pretty hilly but after running in Asheville, I think I'm good. ha. I can't wait to write all about it on Monday!

3. Florida is officially less than 20 days away! Although it's supposed to get 80 (!!) here today so it already KIND OF feels like it. Now if only there were a beach nearby...

4. Speaking of Florida, I need to start studying! We'll be taking our personal training cert and a couple of others while we're there so yeah, need to get on that!

5. We're also going to run a race while we're there... because in addition to working out for 9 hours a day, why not add a race in too?! I'm glad my boss is as crazy as I am. But on the bright side, it's just a 5k and there's blueberry pancakes at the end. And it just so happens to be the day after the challenge ends so it's basically a win-win situation. 

6. I've been a little stressed out lately over a few things but have really started to just take life one day at a time. I tend to get caught up in thinking ahead and of all the possibilities of a situation instead of just letting it flow. I guess that's not always the best way to approach it but right now, it's working for me. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! And if it's warm and sunny where you are, I hope you have a chance to enjoy it! 



  1. Good luck on your race this weekend, girl! And I feel ya on letting the stress get a little out of control, but like you said -- it's best to just take one thing at a time and stop yourself from getting overwhelmed with thoughts of ALL the things. I completely paralyze myself when I start to take on too many things, so it's best to keep it simple :)

    1. thank you! :) keeping it simple is my motto for the next few weeks! :)

  2. I started the 24-Day Challenge on Monday, too! I was doing a little rough yesterday, but today I feel pretty good. I didn't eat super healthy all the time, though, so I'm thinking that's why it was a little difficult for me yesterday.

    1. I felt pretty rough day 1-2--think i wasn't drinking enough water! But I feel great today! HOpefully you do too!! :)

  3. Good luck this weekend, my friend!! Taking things one step at a time usually seems to help me when I'm stressed. You got this!