Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March in Photos

March was a crazy month, but surprisingly, compared to my last few March's, not so bad. In my former job working with student activities and outdoor recreation, I was gone every single weekend this month in year's past. This kind of crazy was a much welcomed change. 
I started the month off with a killer run--so good in fact I literally ran out of my socks. ;) 

I got to hang out with this kid a few times and it was pretty awesome. Even if I did make her perform manual labor. ;) I'm just training her for future races, duh. 

The second weekend in March, I traveled to Atlanta with a group of students (for work!) to run my second Spartan Sprint. It was SO. MUCH. FUN! I whole heartedly decided that my life goal is to now run as many Spartan Trifecta's as humanly possible.

After racing on Saturday, we volunteered on Sunday and it was one of the absolute best experiences I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, it sucked waking up at 5am and standing out in sub 30 degree temps for a few hours before it warmed up to 70 but seeing so many people conquer their fears and push their physical and mental limits was awesome. It reminded me why I do what I do.

The next weekend was a GIRLS weekend in Asheville and we had a BLAST! These girls mean EVERYTHING to me so it's always fun to spend 48 hours with them--I just wish it was longer!

I somehow convinced them to run a race with me and it turned out to be the hilliest. race. ever. But so much fun!

I think the fact that there was green beer afterward helped in the convincing. ;)

I also took more arm shots because.. well... they may not seem like much but it's definitely progress. And I've worked my butt off!

During our first warm weekend of the year, Peter & I headed up to the mountains for an afternoon adventure. I'm totally dreaming of summer now!

I also switched up my workouts a bit this month and added in more HIIT than I have been (other than my normal Insanity) and also added lots of speed & core work. I'm trying to get FAST ya'll! Sub 4 hour marathon is my goal!

And finally, if you start with a run, you gotta end with a run. I had a great one on Sunday and really boosted my confidence for my upcoming half at the end of April. I ended up with 224 miles total this month which is a bit insane but for me but sometimes your legs just feel like moving. ;)

All in all, March was a fun month. I feel like I'm out of my "winter slump" and really looking forward to April, my half marathon, and WARMER WEATHER!

What was your favorite moment of March?!

Happy Wednesday!


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