Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Training Update.. or lack thereof?

Today's topic for Tuesday's on the Run is a spring training update. Which got me thinking... I don't know that I have a specific training plan? Or that I've ever had one really. Is that bad? ha. 

I run because I love running, simple as that. I've been lucky enough to hit all of my PR goals for my half marathon's without any sort of "concrete" plan. Don't get me wrong--I run all the time and am constantly cross training with Insanity and weights thrown in but as far as following something to a T--I've never done that. 

So, how do I feel so far about my upcoming races this spring? Pretty darn good to be honest. I've added a lot of different elements to my training over the winter that I think are really going to help. I've done more speed work that I ever have before and on my race Saturday, I could tell just how MUCH it's benefited me. I've done a lot of HIIT training not only in Insanity but on the treadmill as well. I've also incorporated weights more than ever before. And something completely new to me? I've focused a LOT on my core over the last month or so. 

Combine all of these elements along with cleaning up my diet and I feel AWESOME going into the start of racing season. I'm really looking forward to seeing what my body can do. The next big race I have coming up is the Kentucky Derby half in 2 weeks and then several other smaller races over the course of the summer. I'm also hoping to make it up to Winter Green for the Spartan Beast in August--I'm crossing my fingers I can work it out!

Now, that being said, I do PLAN on following a plan for my full in November. I haven't decided on which on yet but as soon as I do, I'll definitely have a write up on it. I'm actually pretty nervous about sticking to a plan just because I like to do SO many different things when it comes to exercise. And I'll admit, it's hard for me to "rest". I'm getting better about it and I KNOW my body needs it but.. man, rest days are TOUGH! So that's something I definitely need to work on between now and summer. 

I hope your spring training is going well! 

What big races do you have planned?!



  1. Love that you're feeling awesome about your spring training!! Rock hard core, it sounds like ;)

  2. Love that you're feeling awesome about your spring training!! Rock hard core, it sounds like ;)

  3. The Kentucky derby race sounds fun. Can't wait to hear about it!