Monday, April 20, 2015

Marvelous (Marathon) Monday!

Happy Marathon Monday to all my fellow runners out there! Even for those of us not running Boston, it's totally our runner's version of a holiday.

Time for some running themed Marvelous Monday action.

Marvelous is.... the Boston Marathon, of course. As a runner, my biggest goal is to one day make it to Boston for the marathon. But then again, isn't that every runner's dream? I can't wait to run my first 26.2 this November and test the waters!

Marvelous is.... my run this morning. 9.6 miles before work = best way to start the week.

Marvelous is... my fourth half marathon this Saturday! Looking forward to running the Kentucky Derby half and potentially going for a new PR, depending on how my legs feel/conditions/everything else that I need to take into consideration. My current PR is 1:42:38 so I'll have to really book it on Saturday to beat that!

Marvelous is... the new Asics Gel Nimbus 17's. I. need. these. now! The Saucony's I got in January already have 700+ miles on them so, yeah. And that being said, I love my Saucony's (I rock the Triumph) but.. I miss my beloved Asics.

Marvelous is... being a runner. Try and take our marathon away? We say screw you and come back stronger than ever. Rain/snow/sleet/hail... you better believe we're running anyway. Our sport is other's punishment. Our idea of a "short" run is 6 miles. We spend hours upon hours pounding the pavement. We run 26.2 miles for FUN. We don't exclude anyone from our "club".. if you lace up shoes, put one foot in front of the other, and take a quick jog around the neighborhood, you're one of "us."
I love this sport and am so glad I stuck with it 10+ years ago. I can honestly say I've never worked harder or been more dedicated to something in my entire life.

Happy Marathon Monday--go run some miles for Boston!



  1. Cheers to your fourth half coming up!! I've never been to Kentucky :)

  2. thanks!! Louisville is so much fun! Especially around Derby time! :)