Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

This has been the strangest week. I guess because I traveled back from Florida on Monday and then took Tuesday off? Either way, it totally feels like it should be Saturday already. Am I right?

Linking up with Amanda today from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud. :)

1. We are having a potluck today for one of my coworkers today and although normally I go all out and bake something awesome, I decided to take the easy route and make Funfetti dip. But let me tell you... it's so freakin' delicious! And takes literally 5 minutes to make. Win-win?! All you need is 1.5 cups of low fat vanilla yogurt, a tub of fat free whip topping, a box of funfetti cake, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and lots of sprinkles. DELICIOUS.

2. I think I mentioned it in my recap post of Florida but while there, we took this KILLER battle rope class one day and yesterday, we recreated it in our own gym. It was a great workout! It's so funny because we've had those ropes for about 6 months now but have never really used them--to be honest, we didn't really know how to get a good workout in with them. Umm, yeah. Not the case anymore.

3. I saw this sign while perusing a running store in Florida. I need this in my office.

4. I'm on a total VitaTop kick right now. Deep chocolate is my JAM. Unfortunately, they don't sell them around here, which kind of blows. And I'm almost out. Dang.

5. I've been following Momentum Jewelry FOREVER on Instagram and have always wanted a wrap bracelet but just never pulled the trigger on it. Lucky for me, they had a booth set up last week in Florida and I totally scored two pieces--a wrap bracelet and a shoe tag. OBESSED with both. I have a feeling I'll be buying more....

6. I freakin' love mornings! Especially during the summer! I typically get to work around 6:30 every morning to get my run in and it's been SO much easier to get out when there's actually light outside! So much more motivating. If you had told me a year ago I'd be a morning exercise person, I would have seriously laughed you out of the room. It was one of those habits I VERY slowly started changing over the course of about 3-4 months and my energy levels are now through the ROOF.

7. I missed Peter's birthday on Sunday because I was laying on Cocoa Beach (hard life). That being said, I feel terrible about it (okay, not TERRIBLE.. I mean, I was on the beach...) so I'm making it up to him this weekend. I'm thinking about some kind of crazy awesome breakfast recipe. Last year, I made him funfetti cinnamon rolls and they were SO GOOD. Any ideas for this year?! I need to start doing some research.... ;)

Alright, now time to go prep for a potluck! Have an awesome Thursday!



  1. That dip sounds SO good and I love that quote! I agree that it should be Saturday...ugh 2 more days :(

    1. the dip was a hit and so easy to make! definitely keeping it in the rotation. :)

  2. Easy and delicious are the two main things I look for in a recipe, so that dip looks PERFECT. And I know what you mean about mornings -- they're my favourite time of the day too. THere's just something awesome about being able to take a little time in the morning for yourself before the craziness of the day sets in.

    1. yes! I never "got" those people who got their exercise done in the morning but now I totally do. it's nice to just take some quiet time for yourself. it really sets the tone for the rest of the day!