Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Totally a dreary Tuesday here but it makes for good "back to work" weather. I hate missing Monday's (anyone else?!) but it was worth it. 

Anyway, time for another edition of Tuesday's on the Run!

Today's topic: Favorite Running Books & Movies

I was thinking about today's topic and I can pretty much trace my obsession with running back to one movie that changed absolutely everything for me.

Spirit of the Marathon. 

Up until watching SoM, I was a pretty casual runner with no serious dreams of running a marathon. Although I'd ran a couple of half's prior to watching, I all but swore off doing a full marathon. It seemed like an impossible dream and something that I had no interest in pursuing. The thought of running 26.2 miles seemed daunting.

And then I watched the movie.

If you're a runner and have never seen Spirit of the Marathon, I highly recommend you do. It may not inspire you to run marathon but it will certainly inspire you to go out for a good workout.

This movie made running a marathon seem doable to me. It took it from being placed on this impossible pedestal in my brain to something that MAYBE I could do. And even though I still haven't ran it yet (hello November!), the marathon is no longer scary because it's 26.2 miles, it's scary because I've set goals that I'd like to reach during those 26.2. 

I won't go into super long detail with this movie but basically, it follows the story of several runners training for the Chicago Marathon. It follows them from start to finish and it's so inspiring and will be worth your time, I promise--runner or not.

A few other notable mentions on my inspiring list?

1) Desert Runners. I have no desire to run an ultra marathon, let alone 7 but this movie was still a great watch. And can we talk about how crazy we runners are? This one proves it to me. We willingly put ourselves in pain for glory. That's pretty badass.

2.) Prefontaine. I have to put this movie on my list because up until watching this a few weeks ago, I didn't know much about Steve Prefontaine. It was pretty interesting and although not my favorite, it did make me want to go out and run so there's that.

What are you favorite sports related movies/books? 



  1. Spirit of the marathon is one I'll watch over & over again!

    1. yes! me too! such a good movie!!

  2. Sports-related movies always make me cry, haha. Rudy and The Blind Side are up there for me!

    1. oh man! yes! Rudy was one of the very first sports movies I remember watching growing up! That and the Mighty Ducks (still one of my favs! ha!)

  3. I actually enjoyed Spirit of the marathon 2 better than the first one. But then again it could be because I saw the second one before the first one..lol.

    1. ahh, I need to watch the second! i haven't seen it yet!!

  4. I enjoyed Spirit of the Marathon - I'm going to have to see if I can find Desert Runners...