Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

I feel like a broken record over here but I'm so glad it's THURSDAY! This is my first FULL week back to work in 2 weeks so it's been especially long.

Linking up again today with Running With Spoons for some Thinking Out Loud action.

1. I made the best cookie dough dip I've ever made last night. It was seriously fantastic. If you've not tried Chocolate Covered Katie's creation then you're seriously missing out. I sub PB2 in for the nut butter and added a scoop of chocolate protein powder + a tablespoon of honey and yep... you'd have no idea it's made out of chickpeas and fairly healthy. Always a win in my book.

2. Oddly enough, I'm running my first 5k of the year on Saturday. I feel like I typically have a few more under my belt by now but I've been focusing a LOT on distance lately so I guess that's why. I really don't have any time goals for this race but ideally I'd like to stay somewhere around the 22 minute mark. That's right around where I was hitting at the end of last year.

3. It's the first week of "summer" here at work and it's so QUIET! I always enjoy it for the first week or so and then I miss the chaos of the school year.

4. After my race on Saturday, Peter & I are headed out for a fun and quick weekend getaway. More details to come but I'm super excited. Our schedules have been BEYOND hectic as of late and it will be nice to go away for a couple of days and just relax. No plans, no to do list... just whatever we want to do. Although I'm secretly hoping I can talk him into a game of putt-putt or laser tag...... ;)

5. I have a few BIG pieces of news to share tomorrow that I'm super excited about! Which is why I'm cutting this version of Thinking Out Loud a weeeeee bit short. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! It's almost the weekend--hang in there!


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  1. Big news? :-) I'll stick around for tomorrow's news. I <3 big news.