Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

Not a bad thing by any means but man, this week has FLOWN by. Maybe it's because I had Monday off? ha. And even better news? I have this upcoming Monday off as well for Memorial Day. I can totally handle these 3 day weekends. Keep 'em coming! 

Time for some Thinking Out Loud! Linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons! :) 

1. I've been thinking a lot about this blog and how much fun I've had with it lately. I think it's time I step my game up and find a host/design/etc. I've been doing my best to read up on everything but man, it's so confusing! Any tips?! Any recommendations?! This is all totally new to me, especially since I didn't even think I'd still be writing on here still. ha. 

2. Confession: I use the medal rack in my office for a clothes hanger. I come in before work most days of the week to get a run in and by the time it's over, I'm dripping in sweat. So... in an attempt to somewhat dry off my clothes, I hang them up and well, that's really the only place I have to do it. ha. 

3. I was looking through my time hop app (my fav!) this morning and it hit me how much I kind of really miss cross fit. I quit last fall when everything got hectic with the gym opening, my wedding, traveling, etc and to be honest, it was hard to justify paying for another gym membership when I have a state of the art gym at my finger tips. But man, there were some good workouts. I wasn't a HUGE fan of the heavy lifting and being timed doing it but I do miss the competition/camaraderie and being pushed to my limits. That part was awesome. 

During "Murph" last year!
4. I was looking at my upcoming calendar and realized that my next girls weekend is only 3 weeks away! This time we're heading to Richmond, Va to stay with Anna and then we will be heading to Charlottesville on Saturday to do some wine tasting, among other things of course. :) I'm so excited! I love my girls and I LOVE C-Ville--what more could I ask for?! I'm definitely counting down the days. 

5. Does anyone else dread 5k's more than longer distance races? It totally hit me on Saturday that I'd much rather run a 10k or half than a 5k. I think it's because by the time I hit my groove in a 5k, the race is almost over. That and hardcore sprinting for 3.10 miles kind of blows. Doesn't mean I won't continue to do them because let's be honest, I love racing.. but man. Mentally they're tough for me some days. And of course I say this as I'm getting ready to sign up for another one this weekend... go figure.

Have a wonderful Thursday--one day closer to the pay dirt! 



  1. Being somewhat new to running, I've always wondered how people could prefer running longer distances over shorter ones, but I think I've reached the point where I finally get it. The early miles suck! They're painful and hard, and things don't start getting easier until later on. That being said, I think I'll start out with racing a few 5Ks and go from there. No need to bite off more than I can chew :P

  2. Yay for Cville!!! I use Bluehost for my blog, and I've had no issues yet!

    1. awesome!! i'm going to look into it! :)