Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! And Friday the 13th at that. I'm looking forward to a fun girls weekend but wanted to pop in real quick for a few of my favorites this week. :)

Life In Leggings

1. Okay, okay. I've said it a million times but.. it's FINALLY girls weekend! I'm going to go and get a quick workout in this morning, do some laundry, and then head to Asheville! Lucky for me, it's only 2.5 hours away so not a terrible trip. :) Any recommendations for what to do while we're there? I've been a few times but not since I was a junior in college so it's been a year.. or four. 

From St. Patty's Day weekend last year
2. I've had some killer workouts this week, especially yesterday. I came up with my own treadmill interval workout and it was legit. I've gotten into this routine where I get into the gym in the morning and just run--no pace change, no incline change, just run. SO, yesterday I had fun and played around a bit. My legs felt great so I ran at my (hopeful) marathon pace for 38 minutes--hovering between 8-8:15/mile. I then took 2 minutes off to walk, and then for the remainder of the hour, I full out sprinted two minutes, jogged 2 minutes, sprinted 2 minutes, jogged 2 minutes, and then walked 2 minutes. It was a great workout and really made the time pass. I will be adding this into my routine from here on out. Not to mention that it's time to get back outside again! :) I've been waaaaay to dependent on the treadmill this winter. 

3. Arctic Zero Cookie Shake ice cream + calorie free chocolate syrup = happy Sarah. I added some chunks of my homemade protein bars last night and it was probably the best decision I made all week. I'm still on the hunt for the chocolate chip cookie dough version....

4. I'm trying not to get TOO far ahead but I have some fun trips coming up in April/beginning of May and it's hard not to! The Kentucky Derby half, potentially going to VA Beach with Peter for a work conference he's going to, and then Florida for a fitness conference with my boss! So stoked! I'm especially excited for Florida because afterward, I'll be a certified personal trainer....... which means I REALLY need to start studying. 

5. My final favorite for this week is exactly what I'm doing right now--a relaxing morning in, watching the news, enjoying my Advocare MRS, and planning for this weekend. Funnily enough, after all of those snow days, I'm really missing this time right now. Go figure, right? 

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend! Can't wait to share all of the shenanigans from this weekend (or as many as I can...) on Monday.



  1. Aw, road trips (especially with girlfriends) are so much fun! I love when the driving distance isn't too horrible. Have a great time! Thanks for linking up too :)

  2. Oh I live about 25 minutes from Asheville! I love walking around downtown and going to the chocolate lounge. Which certification do you hold in personal training?? I'm going for my NASM exam next Wednesday!! Super pumped.