Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday! So glad the weekend is almost here! Nothing big planned but I'm excited to do absolutely nothing--something I don't get to do during the week! ha. 

As always, Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud! 

-The weather this week has been absolutely INCREDIBLE. We're talking late spring temperatures for us. It's definitely helped brighten my  mood. I felt like I was in such a rut / slump there for a while this winter but the weather has completely turned it around. Anyone else felt that way?! It's time for long runs outside, nightly walks, GRILLING (!), and staying outside as LONG as possible! 

-That being said... the bottom pretty much drops out tomorrow for a couple of days. UGH. The high on Saturday is only going to be 39! Compared to today's 70! Seriously mother nature? We get it, you're in control. Let's hope her mood swings are over after this weekend. 

-I'm on day 4 of Advocare's Lean in 13 program and feel great. I'm doing this as a pre-cursor to the nationwide 24 day challenge (my fav!) that starts on April 6th. I've never really done a true carb-cycling program but so far, so good. I'm a huge fan of Advocare and love every single product I've tried so far. My favorites? Catalyst (the best!) and 02 Gold. If you're a runner, these two are a MUST have. I stocked up on more O2 Gold yesterday to get ready for my half next month. :)

-The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is officially my newest TV obsession. So freaking funny. If you have Netflix, please take some time and check it out--totally worth it. Peter & I only have 1 episode of season 1 and it's kind of slightly depressing. ha. 

-I really want/NEED to try the new Arctic Zero cookie dough flavor. I check our Wal-Mart religiously and still nothing. ugh. 

-I had an awesome speed workout this morning and totally forgot to turn on the run feature on my Fitbit. Don't you hate when that happens?! 

-I'm teaching Insanity tonight and thinking about throwing some harder moves in to see how the class does. I've got a core group of regulars and I think they can totally handle it. I love seeing how much they've progressed since the beginning! It makes me feel good! 

There you have it! Hope you all have a killer Thursday!



  1. Same thing here!! The temp is in the mid 70's today and cold tomorrow. Highs in the 50's. I'm okay with it though, I have a race tomorrow and I rather it be cooler. Have a super weekend!

    1. ugh! it's awful isn't it?! midway through my run this morning it started snowing!

  2. I keep hearing great things about that show but haven't gotten around to watching it! I need to also watch the latest season of House of Cards...

    1. Omg, it's totally worth a watch. so funny! and I hear ya on House of Cards! Slowly getting there!

  3. Ugh I hate when I forget to fix my watch and it doesn't record my run! Too often I actually forget to turn it off AFTER i finish the run so my pace and time gets messed up because it records me walking around after the race is done! I feel your pain with the up and down weather- I live in Florida so it's always bipolar weather down here. We had a few days in the 30s then we'd shoot back up to the 70s only to go back down midweek in February!

    1. it's the worst, isn't it?!?! it's so frustrating!! and I'm so ready for summer weather! we've had too much snow here this year and I'm so over it!