Monday, March 30, 2015

Rainy Days and Mondays

To quote the Carpenters, "Rainy Days & Monday's always get me down." And the day after Louisville loses a heartbreaker. I think they forgot to mention that one in the song.

BUT that being said, I'll try and tough it out and think of some marvelous things for this dreary Monday.

Marvelous is... a killer treadmill interval/distance workout. Legs felt SO good yesterday. I'm feeling strong and ready to tackle the Kentucky Derby half in a few weeks!

Marvelous is... a low key & relaxing weekend at home. They don't happen often enough!

Marvelous is... knowing that this time next month, I'll be on my way to FLORIDA for a fitness conference--they are the best! 

Marvelous is... working at a place where I don't dread coming into work on a rainy Monday.

Marvelous is... finding out my local grocery FINALLY has the Chocolate Cupcake Luna bar for sale!

Marvelous is... knowing others trust me to help them with their health & wellness goals!

Marvelous is... starting off a Saturday with a killer TurboKick class. It was so much fun! And challenging!

Marvelous is... coming home each and every night to my incredible husband. <3 So lucky! 

Happy Monday!


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