Monday, March 2, 2015

Simply Marvelous.

Guess who's working today?!

After 14 days of snow days, I'm FINALLY back to business... literally!

I have to admit--it was super hard setting the alarm for 5:25am this morning but now that I'm up, have my run over with, and am getting the work day started, I feel great!

In honor of the greatness, I'm linking up!

Marvelous is.... Spartan Race in Atlanta this weekend! I'm so stoked! Have I said that enough on here yet?! I've done several of the bigger obstacle races and in my opinion, Spartan is definitely the best! If I'm doing an obstacle / mud race, I want lots of obstacles/mud... not longs stretches of running. Spartan does a good job at meeting my expectations.

Marvelous is... 60 degree weather on Wednesday! After 2 weeks of snow and crap, I'm ready for it!

Marvelous is... spending last night with my niece. She's at the stage now where she is SO MUCH FUN! We have the best time. She's pretty much my best friend and I'm okay with that. ;)

child labor??! Lol
Marvelous is... getting a long run in to start the work week. I always like doing longer runs on Mondays. I think it sets the tone for the rest of the week.

Marvelous is... having pizza last night. I've been eating pretty "clean" for the last few months but snuck a few (okay, more than a few) bites of pizza last night and it was delicious.

Marvelous is... shopping! I haven't been in soooo long! We live 45-50 minutes away from the closest mall/Target (ugh, right?!) so I finally had a free day to go and I took advantage! I almost felt guilty about buying more black workout pants/capris but then... I didn't. At all. You can never have enough, right?!

Marvelous is... Advocare's Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake. Can't say it enough. SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

Marvelous is... having a husband who will drop your phone off at work because you totally forgot it in your morning rush. And who doesn't think you're weird because you ask him to bring ice cubes because it makes your Advo shakes that much better.

Marvelous is... thinking about new possibilities, the future, and reaching dreams/goals.

What's marvelous about your Monday?!


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