Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Things That Are Awesome now that I'm 28

I was inspired by an article that Clare from Fitting It All in posted on her blog. It was an article about 10 things that become more awesome when you get old(er). 

1. Early morning workouts. This. is. everything. I can remember in college waking up on Saturday mornings, or any morning for that matter, presumably with a hangover of some sort, and thinking "there's absolutely no way you'll ever get me to work out before noon. EVER." Can we just talk about how much this has changed? Early morning workouts are my ABSOLUTE favorite now. Who needs coffee when you can go and get a 7-8 mile run in before work?!? And don't even get me started on Saturday & Sunday morning runs/workouts. I LIVE FOR THESE! I'm not rushed, I can relax, and to be honest, most of the time I do all this while watching The Food Network and thinking about how awesome it would be to come home and have a big plate of chocolate cookies. As Ina Garten would say, "How fabulous is that?"

2. A clean house. We're not even going to talk about how much I hated cleaning up until about 6 years ago when I moved out on my own. I feel like if I have a clean house, I can pretty much conquer the world.

3. A lower than expected water/power bill. Ha. You can't tell me this isn't awesome. My parents paid my bills through college so leaving a light on? Pssh, no biggie. Doing loads upon loads of laundry weekly? Ahh, whatever. Air conditioner on 24/7 during the summer? So what? Now...... we may freeze at night during the winter but hello, totally worth it when the bill comes.

4. Coupons/Wal-Mart Savings Catcher/any other way that I can save money when grocery shopping. Let's be honest--when you start the commitment to eating healthier, the grocery bill can and probably will go up. Way up. I'm now in the "heck yeah I'm clipping coupons" category. And since I live in a SMALL town, Wal-Mart is one of our only options for grocery shopping so I've turned into a Savings Catcher FIEND. I love scanning my receipt... and my family's receipts... and receipts I may or may not find laying on the ground. I'm officially up to $20 and although that may not seem like much, it's money that I'll be able to get back in my pocket when the time comes (my goal is at least $50.... it could take a while).

5. Going to be at 9pm. I'm not going to say much about this other than, 1) I'm a grandma and 2) I don't even care. I love it. And I've officially turned into the, "we're going to start a movie THIS late??" person. Referring back to #1, when you're up at 5:30am for workouts, going to be early is CRUCIAL. No shame in my game. If you're asking me to do something past 9 on week nights, this girl will more than likely turn you down.

There you have it. My list. I could go on and on an on but we'll just start with 5. :)

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. #1 gives me hope- haha. I'm slowly but surely getting into the workouts before work thing, but I still struggle most mornings when that alarm goes off. I always feel so much better when it's done (duh) but getting there is still a work in progress for me ;)

  2. shew, it was such a struggle for me for a LONG time. i started super slow--i'd come in and walk before work and then slowly i figured out that if i just go ahead and get my run in early instead of waiting until after work, it's a better quality run, i have a TON of energy during the day, and i don't have to worry about it later on. you'll get there!! :)