Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Treadmill Tuesday

So, I'll be honest. You'll find a LOT of runner's out there who are totally against the treadmill. But me? It's been my saving grace lately. Of course given the choice, I'd rather run outside but working at a health & wellness facility and sometimes being at work for 12+ hours a day, having a treadmill (well, several) at my disposal, has been an absolute LIFESAVER!

I rotate in and out of a lot of treadmill workouts but this is by FAR my favorite. When I need to get some decent mileage in but need a break from the monotony, this is my go-to routine.

A few of my other tips for treadmill runs?

-if you have the option, take the workout time off of the treadmill! It will drive you crazy!
-if you're lucky enough to run on treadmills with a tv attachment, find a show you like and run during the show, walk during the commercials
-do an interval workout! This ALWAYS makes time fly when I'm running.

Don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about running on a treadmill! :)

Happy Tuesday!


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