Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Update

Linking up with Running 'n' Reading today for my weekend update!

Running 'N' Reading

This weekend was..... dictated by weather, of course. We haven't had a "real" winter yet this year but I guess mother nature decided she would just dump it all on us at once?!

Friday I was off of work, again. After five days off, all of my days pretty much run together but I'm going to assume that I went and ran, lifted, lounged around, and ate some healthy food. Yep, I think so. 

Friday night Peter & I had a surprise party for one of his co-workers to go to. It was so much fun! I honestly think it was probably the first "real" surprise party I've ever been to. He was in total shock. Even more so when a few of his buddies from the Marines drove several, SEVERAL hours to be there. It was awesome to watch. It was a much needed night out after being stuck inside for so long!

Saturday was.. interesting. There was a winter storm warning for our area calling for 3-5 inches of new snow (on top of the 12+ we already had) but.... we got much, MUCH more. Peter & I decided to hit the gym before it got too bad but even that was a bad move. We got in and in the hour that we were there, a good 6+ inches fell. I've lived here my entire life and I've never seen anything like it. Well, not lately anyway. 

The picture above is from the indoor pool--the snow was literally half way up the wall and almost to the roof. 

The snow continued until around 3pm on Saturday and then turned to rain, which made it even worse. We actually went from a winter storm warning to a flood warning in a matter of hours. There was no going anywhere Saturday. It was pretty devastating to our area--several businesses and buildings lost their roofs, there was localized flooding--they actually called out the National Guard yesterday and declared a local state of emergency. Insane.

Luckily Sunday, things were SLIGHTLY better. Roads were mostly clear so I continued my normal Sunday morning tradition of hitting the gym for a long-ish run while watching some of my favorite Food Network shows (ha, I'm such a nerd). I got in 9.6 miles at about an 8 minute pace with some speed work mixed in so I was happy. Several people on my Instagram feed ran the Disney Princess Half yesterday and now I'm ITCHING to run a race. There's a 10 miler next weekend about an hour away from me so I may drop in on that, we'll see. These legs are ready to go! 

Sunday afternoon, we got the call that we'd be closed again TODAY (!) so my normal Sunday afternoon/evening routine wasn't quite as structured as normal. I did a bit of meal prep (as in, I made more cookie dough dip), I went back to the gym and walked a mile or so while Peter got in a workout (he slept in yesterday morning), and then we came home and watched a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy (trying to get into it) and had dinner. So, all in all, a low key Sunday but no complaints. 

So, there you have it. Not a terribly exciting weekend but not too bad, right? Today I'm heading in to work because I have GOT to get some things done! I can't believe I haven't been in over a week! Here's to hoping mother nature calms down a bit. 

Have a great Monday!



  1. WOW! look at that snow! hope you get outside soon!

  2. Good grief, Sarah; that is WILD! I can't even imagine! We got a couple of inches this morning and you'd think the world was coming to an end; people are stuck all over town, trying to get home. I'm so glad y'all enjoyed the surprise party; sounds like it was definitely a success. Thank you so much for linking up with the blog this week; hope you'll join us again soon and have a great week!

    1. Thank you for hosting it! So glad I found your linkup!! And it's crazy around here right now. More snow today, more forecast this rate, I'm not sure I'm ever going back to work!