Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites!

TGIF!!! Seriously! What a week!

Let's jump right into my Friday Favorites--the faster I do this, the closer we are to the weekend! :)

Linking up with Clare, Heather, & the Virginia Bloggers today!

1. I start my Master's Program in a little less than a month! I'm so beyond excited ya'll. It feels so freakin' good to finally know what I want to do with my life... or well, at least I know what field I want to be in. ha. Fitness has been my passion for so long and I resisted for a long time thinking that it wasn't "good enough". How crazy is that? If it's what I love doing, then of course it's good enough. Growing up, it's almost drilled into our heads that in order to be successful, you need to make a lot of money. But what about happiness? I would much rather go into work everyday with passion than force myself to go into a job I absolutely hate. Don't let other people tell you what you should be doing--follow your heart.

2. Speaking of fitness, I've thoroughly, THOROUGHLY enjoyed putting together my own workout routines for class this week! I've put together some killer workouts--perhaps I'll share next week. It's really fun being able to do whatever I want. Again, I'm so in love with what I do!

3. I'm really trying my best to loosen up a bit. I think for a majority of this year, I've been "in the zone" and while that's good, it's also good to take a break for a bit. I'll start marathon training in a couple of weeks and it's going to get pretty intense so for the last couple of weeks, I've tried to get out of that "schedule" mentality. I can be very all or nothing and instead of having fun and being spontaneous, I'm very rigid and stick to my routine, no matter what. So, I've thrown that out the door this week. I've had fun, I've enjoyed copious amounts of chocolate, and I've gotten back to "me". I tend to lose sight of the fact that life is meant to be enjoyed and that it's okay to not be "on" all the time.

4. This article from Greatist. Some great advice and very much needed!

5. These pins. I plan on making at LEAST one of these for my Father on Sunday! (okay and maybe one just for me too....)
I'm pretty sure anything Chocolate Covered Katie makes I'm a fan of. Hot Fudge pudding cake?? SOLD.

Ice Cream Cake with Circus Animal Cookie Crust... YUM!
No bake chocolate chip cookie pie... can we talk about how EASY this one is??!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'll be back on Monday with a recap of my race (ha, sidenote, I first typed Face... awkward) tomorrow morning! Send some positive vibes my way! :)
And good luck to everyone else racing this weekend! Go out and KILL it!



  1. Mm those desserts look amazing :) YAY for following your passion!! I sometimes wonder if the grass is greener on the other side of a physically/mentally demanding job as trainer, but one of my friends tells me: "the grass is greener on the other side, but someone's got to mow it!"

  2. Um... those desserts though... And I am so inspired by you! I pin EVERYTHING on Pinterest and never follow through and make them... Maybe I will try to concur some recipes this weekend. Hope you have a fabulous day!