Tuesday, June 9, 2015

TOTR: Hot Weather & Running

Linking up again today for Tuesday's on the Run!

I love Tuesday's on the Run and I especially love today's topic: hot weather running. I obviously run all year long but summer runs are when I really fall in love with the sport all over again. There's just something about getting up super early on a Saturday, logging a few miles, and being absolutely drenched in sweat when I finish that I love. Maybe it's because back when I first started running, it was during the summer? I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it certainly is mine.

When looking at marathons, the conditions I would ultimately be training in was a MAJOR deciding factor on a spring or fall race. I'll be honest--I know there are a lot of super heroes out there who can run in freezing cold temperatures but... I'm not one of them. More power to those of you who are though! Once it drops below freezing, I'm inside on a treadmill. No shame in my game.

Yeah. No thanks. 
I chose the Richmond marathon for various reasons but the biggest was definitely the fact that a majority of my training would be done during the summer. Whereas I know mileage wise I could have been ready for a spring race, I wanted to enjoy the process of training for my first marathon--not dread it. After looking back at the winter we had, I'm so overly happy with my decision it's not even funny.

That being said, like anything, it's important to stay safe when running during the summer months, ESPECIALLY when running longer distances. Here are a few tips that I follow--

1. Go early or go late--try to avoid the hottest part of the day! I prefer early morning runs during the summer, mainly because if I were to wait until 6-7pm, I'm not nearly as motivated. Unless it's for a race, I try to avoid running from about 10am-5pm as much as possible!

2. STAY HYDRATED! Hydrate before, during, and after your run. This may seem like an obvious tip but it's still important to keep in mind.

3. Run with a partner. When the temperatures start rising, the harder it is to get out there. I like having a reliable running partner to keep me accountable and to get me out the door.

4. Let others know where you're running and about how long you think it will take. Just in case something were to happen--although this is a good tip no matter what time of year you're running.

5. Take a break if you need to! Don't try and be a super woman! If you feel like you're overheating, stop and take some time to recoup. When I'm in Hilton Head, no matter how early or late I go running, it's ALWAYS ridiculously hot and humid. That being said, I always have a built-in midway point where I stop and cool off for a few minutes. It just so happens that it's on the beach and there's a big ocean to help me refresh but still. :)

6. Take it inside if you need to! If you have access to a treadmill, use it!

I hope these tips help you in the coming months--especially for you other hot weather runners out there.

What's your favorite running weather?! 



  1. Fall running is my absolute favorite, end of September and early October, still get the warm sunlight, but with a cool, crisp breeze. It's the absolute best!

  2. Good luck in training for Richmond. .I have heard gray things about that race. Since it is later in the fall you will have many cool runs. Perfect running weather.

  3. Because I live in the south, winter running is my favorite. I'm training for a fall marathon in this crazy heat. What was I thinking? Good luck with your training!