Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

TGI... Thursday?! Contrary to last week, this one has totally flown by. No complaints from me.

As always on Thursday, it's time to do a little thinking. Linking up with Amanda from Running With Spoons!

1. I made my college-version whiskey sours the other day and forgot how good potent they were. Still just as delicious as I somewhat remember!

2. My kitchen is a complete and utter wreck. Like, there are no words. It's such a bummer--it takes forever to clean and like, 2.5 seconds to get completely disgusting again. Ahh. Oh the joys of adulthood.

3. I found a staple from my college days randomly on Monday night. I was attempting to tidy up my house and low and behold, my nerd glasses which made an appearance almost every single party my senior year were found. I may have to start rocking them again. Just saying.

4. Special shout out to the UVA Baseball team for winning the National Championship last night! If my Cards couldn't get there and do it, at least my employer's/fellow ACC-ers did.

5. This time next week, I'll be on my way to Hilton Head, SC! We go every year for a week during the fourth of July and it's the BEST time. I'll be running the Firecracker 5000 again on the fourth--a CRAZY HUGE 5k race. We're talking almost 2000 runners for a 5k! It's insane and there's honestly no way to PR unless you're in the very front but it's an awesome way to start off the holiday.

This picture from last year always cracks me up because my lips were SO CHAPPED because they got scorched a couple of days before. It was pretty gross and even smiling hurt. ha.

6. I randomly bought a pair of Mizuno's off of Zulilly on Tuesday. I used to have a pair back in the day and they were awesome running shoes so when a neutral/stability shoe popped up for $39.99 AND in my size (I wear a size 12!! UGH!), I had to jump on it. I figured even if they aren't great running shoes, I always need a good pair of cushion-y (word?!) work/workout shoes.

There you have it! I'm off to go prep for my Power Hour class at 10am--we're doing a deck of cards workout today to end the week on a super, SUPER high note! I love teaching this class!

Have a wonderful Thursday!



  1. HOORAY for HHI!! Such a great place- have a blast! :) I'm with you on the kitchen thing too- it takes me FOREVER to get that room sparkling, then I cook one little thing and bam, instant disaster!!

  2. What you said about your desk is how I feel about my kitchen. I don't even feel like I spend that much time in there, but daaaaaaang does it ever go from spotless to disaster zone in the blink of an eye. Like... how is that even possible?!

  3. I've never been to Hilton Head, but have heard that it's awesome!