Monday, June 22, 2015

I am.

Happy Monday! If only the weekend could have lasted just a TAD bit longer, you know? I'd take an extra day.. or half a day..... or even an extra 2 hours (for sleeping purposes only, of course).

It was a pretty low key weekend around here--highlights included winning overall female at the 5k I participated in (I'll recap tomorrow! One second off my PR!), finally doing a ride along with my husband (so much fun.. I hate that I've waited so long to do it!), and making a pretty awesome (and easy!) no bake oreo cheesecake pie. It was totally worth the 2 3 slices I had last night for Father's Day. 

Because it's Monday and because I'm teaching a power hour class in a few minutes (it's going to be a good one!), here's a fun prompt I found on Erin's blog! Also linking up with Healthy Diva Eats for Marvelous Monday!

I am working on becoming less of a control freak, less scheduled, and more spontaneous. Life doesn't always have to be perfect, it doesn't always have to be planned, and it certainly should ALWAYS be fun. I'm getting back to that.

I keep all of my race t-shirts. I probably have at least 4-5 drawers full at this point. Yikes.

I wish I could go back 5 months ago. I'd do things a little differently this winter. 

I sing karaoke with my best friends. We used to go every Thursday night in college--it was soooo much fun. We sang in front of 300 people once on Bourbon Street in NOLA. Totally rocked it.

I dance terribly and only when I've had something to drink. But once I get going, you can't stop me!

I think I'd like to find a new hobby. Something I can do on the side that doesn't involve fitness/wellness. Of course I love what I do but.. I want to branch out and try something new!

I really want to go see the new Jurassic Park movie. I've heard it's awesome!

I need a vacation. It's been a trying month to say the least. I'm ready to be in relaxation mode in Hilton Head for a week.

I should start getting ready for my power hour class. It's a doozy. I hope my class is ready. :)

I can run a sub-1:40 half marathon. I never thought I'd ever say that. I was just happy when I hit under 2 hours for the first time. :)

I like chocolate. Way, way, WAY too much.

I love my husband. More than I will ever know how to put into words. 

I make a mean chickpea cookie dough dip. I've gotten it down to a science at this point!

I always think I could be better at something. I don't give myself enough credit but... perhaps I need to start cutting myself some slack. 

Have a great Monday everyone! May it be short and sweet!


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  1. I'm with you on needing to learn how to cut myself some slack. Life is about enjoying the successes no matter how big or small. My moms favorite saying is "comparison is the thief of joy" and I have to remind myself of that a lot! Congrats on your 5K !! So exciting and I can't wait to read about it! Have a fab day : )