Monday, June 8, 2015

Girls Weekend in Richmond/C-Ville

Good Monday morning! I'm back from an incredible weekend in RVA/C-Ville with my very best friends in the entire world. I've been looking forward to this weekend for a LONG time but it wasn't until I got there on Friday night that I realized just how much I needed it! We had such a wonderful time and I always come back from our trips refreshed, happy, a little heavier (ha!), and grateful that I have 3 ladies who mean the world to me. It just goes to show that sometimes sitting on the sidewalk the first night of your freshman year of college can end up being one of the best things you ever did. ;)

There's absolutely NO way I can even begin to recap every single thing that happened this weekend so I'm going to do a photo dump instead. 

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On Friday, we signed up for a groupon for RVA Paint Nite and it was so much fun! Does it seriously get any better than starting off a girls weekend with a little paint and a (few) drinks?! We had a blast. And I have to be honest, I'm actually kind of happy with how my feather turned out! ha. I'm terrible at painting/crafting but I didn't do too shabby. 

I started off our Saturday morning with a super quick mile to keep my RW Running Streak going and then we got ready and headed to one of my favorite places in Virginia, Charlottesville! The girls had never been there so I did my best to show them around my favorite places (not that I'm an expert by any means!). 

We started off the day at Keswick Vineyards for a quick tasting and where some guy graciously took our photo above--it's one of my favorites! I'm not much of a wine person but it was pretty good! We were going to go to a few others but decided to head to the downtown mall for a quick lunch and to look around. 

A quick trip to the mall turned into us being there until about 10pm that night. ha. Go figure, right? We did LOTS of window shopping, grabbed some gelato, and then as we were about to leave around 5:30, decided we should stop by Mono Loco's for a Spicarita, since they've come so highly recommended. 

I'm not a margarita fan by any means but this.... this was one of the best drinks I've had in my life. So good in fact, that I had four. ha. Whoops. Totally worth it. If you're ever in C-ville, please, please, PLEASE go grab one at Mono Loco's. You won't regret it... well, you might if you had four like me.. but it's still worth it. ha. 

Sometimes, you just have to flex, you know? 

Peter's sister and her boyfriend ended up meeting us there for about an hour or so and it was great catching up. Once we finally left the restaurant (3 hours later!), they showed us probably one of the COOLEST places I had no idea existed on the downtown mall. It was a hidden bar down an alley way with no sign whatsoever, just a door with a wine barrel out front. You would have no idea it was there unless someone took you there or told you about it, like in our case. But, you open this creepy door, walk up some steps, and it's so. flipping. NEAT. It's this super nice, 20's looking bar and had we not been exhausted. we would have stayed for a while. But I do plan on going back next time I'm in town! 

Sunday, we got up, made breakfast, and unfortunately had to say our goodbyes. :( That's always, ALWAYS the hardest part. But what I love about my group of friends is that we plan our girls trips way in advance so that we know we have something to look forward to in the coming months. And actually, we'll be getting together in July for another weekend getaway in Charlotte.

 And even more exciting? We've tentatively planned to spend my last birthday in my 20's in Key West in February. You KNOW that's going to be a good time. :)

So, that was my weekend in a very, VERY brief nutshell. I'm back at work this morning with a 10 miler under my belt and ready to tackle another week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I'll be back tomorrow with another edition of Tuesday's on the Run.

Go out there and kick Monday's butt! 


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  1. Sounds like an absolutely amazing and perfect weekend! I definitely am not a margarita girl either, but there is one place near me that doesn't make them too sweet which is much more my style!